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WhiskyWords is a bibliographical listing of whisky books in the English language, plus books on distilling and other whisky related books. For more details on items listed and information on e-books, print on demand books, thesis and cobbled books please read the Bibliography Notes section.

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The Way of Whisky
A Journey Around Japanese Whisky

David Broom
Since 2002 (the year it appeared on export markets) Japanese whisky has been consistently winning major international spirits awards. As export production increases and export markets - the USA and France in particular - open up to embrace the quality of these fine malt whiskies, all eyes are on Japan.

Award-winning author and internationally recognized whisky expert Dave Broom has visited Japan 25 times in the past 12 years, studying and learning about its whiskies. In this major new book he shares his personal journey around Japan's whisky distilleries and the unique whisky culture of the country.
Each chapter details the history of the distillery in question, its production and current whiskies (with tasting notes). Dave considers along the way why Japanese whisky is different, questions of tradition vs innovation, and how whisky links with many aspects of Japanese culture. Breathtaking photography from Kohei Take leads the reader deeper into the philosophy behind the drink, making this a must-have edition for any whisky lover, whisky drinker, whisky collector or Japanophile.
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