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Arthur, Helen
Contributor to Cutty Sark; Malt Whisky Yearbook 2006.

Andrews, A

London: Jupiter Books, 1977 1st ed. 148pp. Numerous b/w illus. Good book detailing the history and stories behind the leading brands.

Bamford, Charles See WHISKY. Technology, Production and Marketing.

Banks, I

RAW SPIRIT: In Search of the Perfect Dram. London: Century Arrow, 2003.
368pp. A whisky book from the author of The Wasp Factory. The well know author goes in search of the perfect dram, visiting 100 distilleries. The book is about whisky and distilleries, but also contains a fair amount of other detail. Is probably the first whisky book to contain the 'F' word, and certainly the first to refer to the war in Iraq and weapons of mass destruction. It also features his friends and members of his family and I would think the only whisky book where the editor also makes an appearance. Probably the first ever whisky book to be advertised on the front cover of The Bookseller. A lot of firsts, but does he find what he is is looking for, yes on page 66, but unfortunately it isn't for sale, so the hunt continues.
Paperback. 2004. 384 pages. Buy BD

Barnard, Alfred 
Book details for this author can be found here.

Berlin, M

THE WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF DISTILLERS. A Short History. Chichester: Phillimore, 1996 1st edition. ix + 85pp. Col, b/w illus. A short, nicely illustrated history of the Livery Company founded in 1638 by Sir Theodore Turquet de Mayerne. An official history as the copyright is owned by the Company.  Not specifically about whisky, but of use to those interested in the history of distilling and the drinks trade.

Brander, Michael

A GUIDE TO SCOTCH WHISKY. Edinburgh: Johnston & Bacon, 1975. 96pp. B/w illus, maps. A general guide to all aspects of whisky which includes a fair amount of historical detail.

THE ORIGINAL GUIDE TO SCOTCH WHISKY. The Complete Introduction to Scotland's Malt Whiskies
. Haddington: Gleneil Press, 1995 4th rev ed. 174pp.  B/w dwgs, maps. Difficult to know what it is a revised edition of. Appears a distillation of the author's previous books; "A History of Scotch Whisky", The Original Scotch" (1974), "A Guide to Scotch Whisky" (1975), "Introduction to Scotch Whisky" (1982) and "The Essential Guide to Scotch Whisky" (1992).

Brooks, Brian

WHISKY DISPENSERS & MEASURES. Sheffield: The Author, 2000. 36pp (inc covers). Col illus to outside of covers, numerous very good b/w illus. Every space in this booklet has been used giving details of measures and dispensers mainly glass, but also brass, copper, pewter, china and earthenware. Very detailed, the work of a true enthusiast.

Broom, David Contributor to Cutty Sark; Malt Whisky Yearbook 2012.

Brossard, Patrick

GLEN GARIOCH: THE MANSON DISTILLERY. A Hidden Gem in Aberdeenshire. Switzerland: The Author, 2014. Limited edition of 250 copies. Illustrated with photographs old and new. History of the distillery from 1797. Tasting notes of Glen Garioch whiskies and a comprehensive list of official releases of Glen Garioch single malt. Originally the distillery was called Glengarioch and the whiskies it produces are called Glen Garioch. However it seems that the distillery is now also referred to as the Glen Garioch Distillery. This is how the name appears on a distillery building, and a road sign uses the same format, though barrels are marked Glengarioch Distillery. Further details can be found here.

Bunting Chris Contributor to Malt Whisky Yearbook 2011.

Burns, Edward

Glasgow: Balvag Books, 1995. 176pp. B/w illus. The story of adulteration of whisky in the third quarter of the nineteenth century. Well researched book, although not all agree with the conclusions made by the author.

Buxrud, Ulf

RARE MALTS: Facts, Figures and Taste. Shrewsbury: Quiller Publishing, 2006. 160pp. Col photos. Rare Malts portrays all the distilleries involved in the compilation of the Rare Malts Selection series; a collection of outstanding examples of the makes of thirty six legendary distilleries. With colour photographs, each portrait contains histories and technical information, some never published before. The portraits include not only flavour profiles, tasting notes and comments but also travel and visiting advice.

Buxton, Ian A listing of books by this author can be found here.