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Gardiner, L

THE NB. The First Hundred Years. Edinburgh: North British Distillery Company Ltd. 1985 ed. 64pp. Profusely illustrated in col. b/w. Forward by Sir Alistair Blair. An interesting company history published by the distillery to celebrate its centenary. Alfred Barnard approached the company asking if he could include a description of the new distillery in the next edition of his book. He was told certainly not by the managing director William Sanderson, who was worried about industrial espionage.

Gee, Philip See Scotch Whisky. Questions and Answers.

Gilbey, Sir Walter See here for details of Notes on Alcohol in Brandy, Whisky and Rum.

Green, M

COLLECTING MALT WHISKY. A Price Guide. Auchincruive, Ayrshire: Green Blake Enterprises Limited, 2007 rev ed. 256pp. Col illus. A listing by distillery of auction prices fetched for some of their malts. It should be noted that all the prices are culled from one auction house, McTears of Glasgow. Therefore caution should be used when valuing your rare malts.

Green, M. & Greenwood, M

COLLECTING MALT WHISKY 2003. The Definitive Guide to Malt Whiskies at Auction. Elgin: Greenwood Publishing Company, 2002. 208pp. Col illus, includes some adverts. A listing by distillery of auction prices fetched for some of their malts. Three years detailed, 2000, 01 and 02. I suspect prices from from a single source.

Greenwood, M

UNIQUE DISTILLERIES OF SCOTLAND & IRELAND. In the Footsteps of Alfred Barnard.
Speyside: Greenwood Publishing, 2001. x + 150pp. Col, b/w illus, col maps to front endpapers. The author follows Barnards' trail to rediscover the distilleries of a bygone era, and selecting the unique ones for a closer look. Reproduces Barnard's entry followed by Greenwood's comments and details of the whiskies produced today. There are many full page adverts in the book, including some non-whisky ones, although they no doubt helped to finance the book, they do tend to give the impression that the book is a hardback glossy magazine.

Grindal, R

RETURN TO THE GLEN. Adventures on the Whisky Trail. Maryland, USA: Alvin Rosenbaum, Inc., 1989. 159pp. Many specially commissioned colour photos by Catherine Karnow. Maps. As the author travels around  Scotland he gives factual and historical information on all aspects of whisky. As well as being informative it is also visually attractive.


HARRODS BOOK OF WHISKIES. London: Published for Harrods Ltd by Decanter Magazine Ltd. 1978. 46pp. Strictly speaking not a book, but a magazine insert issued with Decanter the wine magazine. General articles on whisky and whisky making, plus tasting notes. B/w illus, plus some colour advertisements. General layout is similar for all editions, with minor alterations to illustrations and articles. Tasting notes vary more. Much of the text was written by Tony Lord publisher of Decanter. The connection with Harrods seems slight, the only reference I can find is in the title.
1980, 2nd revised edition. 48pp including covers. Tasting guide to 64 single malt whiskies.
1981, 3rd revised edition. 56pp. Tasting guide to 91 single malt whiskies, plus the top Scotch blends and Irish whiskies.
1983, 4th revised edition. 52pp. Tasting notes on 137 different single malts, with 44 new entries, plus tasting notes on 28 de luxe whiskies and 34 standard blends.                                                                                           
1985, 5th revised edition. 48pp. Tasting notes on more than one hundred different malt whiskies, plus de luxe and standard blends.

Hughes, John

SCOTLAND'S MALT WHISKY DISTILLERIES. Stroud: Tempus Publishing, 2003 rev ed. 120pp. Numerous illus, mainly colour, plus b/w map. Short Introductory section (38pp) on malt whisky followed by The Distilleries: 1775 to the Present Day. Only deals with distilleries that are currently producing malt, history of each, plus details of their malts.  Listed chronologically from Glenturret (1775) to Isle of Arran (1995).

STILL GOING STRONG. A History of Scotch Whisky Advertising. Stroud: Tempus Publishing, 2005. 120pp. Superb colour and b/w illustrations. Has chapters covering The Distillers Company Limited, Johnnie Walker, Black & White, Haig, White Horse, VAT 69 and a chapter on other blended whiskies. The stars of the book are obviously the illustrations of the adverts, many of the early ones being works of art in their own right. It is therefore fitting that the final chapter of the book is about the artists, with short, detailed biographies.

Hume, J.R See Moss, M.S,The Making of Scotch Whisky

Illustrated London News

SCOTCH WHISKY 1890. An Article from The Illustrated London News. Dagenham: Barrel to Bottle Press, 2007. Frontis + 7pp + 7pp b/w illustrations including 5 full page. Short introduction. Reprint of an article that appeared in the 30th of August 1890 edition of The Illustrated London News. Features the Glenlivet Distillery and the Royal Brackla Distillery, the premises of Andrew Usher and Co., the whisky making process and some commercial detail. It is not a facsimile reprint, however the text has not been amended, but the excellent woodcut illustrations have been reduced in size. Interesting journalists view of the whisky industry in the late 19th Century. The article is mentioned on pages 153/4 of H. Charles Craig's The Scotch Whisky Industry Record [Dumbarton: Index Publishing, 1994].
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