A Bibliography of Whisky Books in English
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Jackson, Michael

MICHAEL JACKSON'S MALT WHISKY COMPANION. London: Dorling Kindersley. Col, b/w illus, maps.
1994 3rd ed. 272pp

THE WORLD GUIDE TO WHISKY. Scotch · Irish · Canadian · Bourbon · Tennessee Sour Mash and the Whiskies of Scotland plus a Comprehensive Taste-Guide to Single Malts and the World's Best Known Blends. London: Dorling Kindersly, 1987. 224pp. Numerous col, b/w illus, maps. Title says it all

SCOTLAND AND IT'S WHISKIES. The Great Whiskies, the Distilleries and their Landscapes.
Winchester: Duncan Baird Publishers, 2001. 144pp. Colour photos by Harry Cory Wright. A whisky based tour of Scotland in twelve journeys. Designed for the visitor and the armchair traveler. Includes a comprehensive directory of Scotland's distilleries, with historical background and expert tasting notes.

Contributor to Malt Whisky Yearbook 2006.

Jefford, A

PEAT, SMOKE AND SPIRIT: The Story of Islay and Its Whiskies.
London: Headline, 2004. 352 pp. Line illus. Details of the history and topography of the island, plus of course the whiskies. From the bothies, illegal stills, to the present day legality and prosperity. Together with stories of notable men and women who have played an integral part in the creation of the island's whiskies. Jefford is better know for his wine books and articles.
Paperback edition, 2005. 416pp. Line illus [35]. Buy WD

Lamond, John

THE WHISKY CONNOISSEUR'S COMPANION. Facts, Fables and Folklore from the World of Whisky. Edinburgh: Edinburgh Publishing Company, 1993.
136pp. Very well illus in col, b/w. Includes some adverts. Plenty of important historical information plus a good lot of trivia. There is a piece of history for virtually every day of the year, for instance on the 17th June 1779 - Mr Justerini advertises that his firm (which later became Justerini & Brooks - J & B) has imported some "fine Usequebaugh" into England. Similar to The Whisky Connoisseur's Book Of Days, but without the day book part.

Langley, Andrew

THE LITTLE BOOK OF WHISKY TIPS. Bath:Absolute Press, 2007. 112pp. A gift book containing 50 tips for whisky lovers. Buy WD

Laver, James

THE HOUSE OF HAIG. Markinch: John Haig & Co Ltd., 1958. viii + 75pp. Col frontis plus b/w plates, dwgs. Nicely designed and printed history of the famous whisky firm. Gutzke in his bibliography describes it as a "Short official history which largely ignores the post - 1945 era."

Lord, Tony 
Editor of and contributor to the Harrods Book of Whiskies.

Lukins, Jocelyn

DOULTON KINGSWARE WHISKY FLASKS. A Collectors' List. Yelverton, Devon: M.P.E., Nd. c1987. 24pp. Numerous b/w illus. Short introduction then a listing of the flasks with description and for most an illustration. Colour illustrations to the card covers.
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