A Bibliography of Whisky Books in English
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Regan, Gary
Contributor to Cutty Sark

Reeve-Jones, A

A DRAM LIKE THIS. The Gourmet's Guide to Scotch Whisky
. London: Elm Tree Books (Hamish Hamilton) for William Grant & Sons Ltd., 1974. 122pp + 4pp col + 4pp b/w illus. B/w dwgs by D.A. Mackay. Foreword by Hugh MacDiarmid. General book on whisky, with lots of mentions for the sponsoring firm. Has a good section on cooking with whisky and whisky based drinks.

Ridley, Neil Contributor to Cutty Sark; Malt Whisky Yearbook 2013 - 2015.

Ronde, I [Editor]   MALT WHISKY YEARBOOK 2006 - 2015. See here for details of these books.

Roskrow, Dominic Contributor to Malt Whisky Yeabook 2007 - 2015

Russell, Inge, Bamford Charles, Stewart, Graham [Editors]

WHISKY. Technology, Production and Marketing. London: Academic Press, 2003. xviii + 366pp. B/w illus. Text and tables printed two colour throughout. From the "Handbook of Alcoholic Beverages Series". An extremely detailed and technical book written, with the exception of one chapter, by highly qualified research scientists. Therefore not really for the general reader, though a whisky enthusiast may be able to glean some useful information from it. I am not qualified to judge the content of the book, but have been told that the chapter on blending is not all it should be.
2014 2nd revised edition. 444 Pages. Approx 100 illustrations. Foreword written by Alan Rutherford, former Chairman and Managing Director of United Malt and Grain Distillers Ltd. Editors for this edition are Inge & Stewart. Buy BD

Schafer, Bernhard  Contributor to Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015

Schobert, Walter

THE WHISK(E)Y TREASURY. The World's Most Complete Whisk(e)y A to Z. Glasgow: Angels' Share, 2002. x + 374pp. Originally published in Germany in 1999 as Das Whisky Lexikon, this is a revised, updated and amended edition in English. It contains over 2000 terms relating to whisky. Included are brand names, distilleries (past and present), technical terms, people and places, production processes and company profiles all cross-referenced. The eight-page bibliography [yours truly was involved] is probably the most complete listing of whisky books that has ever been published.

Contributor to Malt Whisk Yearbook 2009 & 2010

Scotch Whisky Association

SCOTCH WHISKY. Questions and Answers. Edinburgh: Philip Gee for Scotch Whisky Association.  82pp. B/w map. 100 questions (and answers) dealing with all aspects of whisky in themed chapters. The chapters are; Whisky in the Making, The Whisky Industry, Whisky and the Law, Whisky and the Drinker, Miscellaneous, Definitions.
1957, 5th rev ed. 82pp.
1967, 62pp.
1975, 56pp.
1981, 60pp.
2013.44pp. Online version with colour illustrations. Free download available here.

Smith Gavin D A listing of books by this author can be found here.

Stewart, Graham. See WHISKY. Technology, Production and Marketing.

Stirk, D.

THE DISTILLERIES OF CAMPBELTOWN: The Rise and Fall of the Whisky Capital of the World. Glasgow: The Angels' Share, 2005. xii + 220pp + 32pp colour, b/w illustrations and maps. B/w illus, maps to endpapers. Campbeltown was once the whisky capital of the world with 29 distilleries operating simultaneously in 1835. How this remote fishing port and royal burgh became the epicentre of Scotland's greatest export is revealed in this book. With details of the people behind this huge industry. Appendices take up half the book including the reproduction of the Campbeltown distilleries from Barnards book.  Other appendices are The Peter Dewar Letters, Distillery Histories, Proposals for Amalgamation, 1890, Petition to the Right Honourable David Lloyd George, M.P., Copy of a Highland Distilling Licence, 1793, Minutes of the Town Council,  early 19th Century Illicit Distillers in Kintyre, and the Obituary of Duncan MacCallum.

Dunblane, Stirlingshire: G.W. Publishing, 2002. 256pp. Illustrated in full colour with photos by G. & D. Wallace. Deals with 140 of the most popular single malt whiskies of Scotland, as well as details of process and the distilleries. Includes section for your personal notes. Hardback ring binder.

Contributor to Malt Whisky Yearbook 2006, 2007 - 2011.
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