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As availability of some titles is very limited (one copy only for some titles) please e-mail to check if items required are still available. Please quote, title and book number (can be found just prior to price).

My reply will confirm if available, postage costs [if applicable], and details of how to pay. Titles available will be reserved for 10 days and will be despatched on receipt of payment. Credit and Debit Card payment can be made online via PayPal. Credit and Debit Card payment can be made online via PayPal, but you have to set up a simple PayPal account. The details you have to provide are similar to those needed for any online payment system. Once set up you can of course use the account on any site that accepts PayPal without giving the site your credit/debit card details.

Terms and Conditions

All books and other items are offered subject to availability of stock.

Postage. Prices include postage to a UK address. A surcharge will be made to cover the extra cost of posting to other countries.

Packaging and Insurance are not charged.

Condition of Books. The following terms are used to describe the books listed
Fine. Absolutely perfect. Unfortunately most books aren't, not even new copies. This is because printers, publishers and distributors are incapable of packing books properly. Thus this term doesn't get much use.
Very Good (VG). In very good condition, but showing slight signs of use. Most new books will be graded as VG+, that is better than VG, but not perfect.
Good (G). In reasonable second-hand condition, but with some imperfections and showing more signs of use.
Reading/Working Copy. Condition generally poor with many faults, but all text readable and illustrations present unless otherwise mentioned
Dust Jackets/Wrappers. If present indicated by the abbreviation dw.
Inscriptions. In general inscriptions if present are ignored unless they are considered to be disfiguring.

Returns. All books are described as accurately as possible, but can be returned within 10 days of receipt if found to be unacceptable. However please e-mail for instructions before returning.

Please note that the above terms only apply to books bought from me.

Orders Placed with Affiliates

Please note that when you order from any of the Affiliates your contract is with them and not WhiskyWords or LiquidLiterature. Any problems should be reported to them and hopefully resolved with them. However please do not hesitate to contact me if your problem remains unsolved and I will do all I can to try to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Prices quoted on my website are for any item from an Affiliates are for guidance only. Prices, discounts and availability of their products are constantly being updated. Therefore please check prices and conditions on the Affiliates web site before placing an order.

Current Affiliates:

                           90 Second Website Builder - Book Depository - PlanetHippo - Wordery



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I do
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